Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng. or commonly known as Bignai is the Makiling Botanic Gardens’ Plant of the Month for August  2017. It belongs to the family Phyllanthaceae and is native to Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. The ripe fruits of Bignai are sweet and can be used to make jelly, preserves and wines. Come and visit MBG and find the fruit that is well known as source of “Bignay Wine”.


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The Makiling Botanic Gardens presents “Malabuho” as the Plant of the Month of June. Its scientific name is Sterculia oblongata R.Br. that belongs to family Malvaceae. Malabuho is widely distributed in the Philippines and is categorized as “rare.” The seeds of malabuho can be eaten either raw or roasted.

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Grammatophylum multiflorum Lindley var. tigrinum Lindley commonly known as the “Looy-looy” is the Makiling Botanic Gardens’ Plant of the Month of May. It belongs to family Orchidaceae and can only be found in the Philippines specifically in the Provinces of Luzon, Catanduanes,  Palawan, Leyte,  and Samar.

looy looy_tagalog_versionlooy looy_english_version

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The Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME) is now hiring and looking for the following:

  • One (1) Forest Technician I (SG 6, S-1) with Item No. UPSB-FORT1-12-1998
  • Two (2) Forest Technician II (SG 8, S-1) with the following Item Nos. UPSB-FORT2-8-1998 and UPSB-FORT2-14-1998

For inquiries you may contact Dr. Nathaniel C. Bantayan, Director of MCME at (049) 536-3572.

Applicants may refer to the attached file for more information and requirements needed.

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The Makiling Botanic Gardens presents “Palosanto” as the Plant of the Month of April. Its scientific name is Triplaris cumingiana Fisch. & Mey. that belongs to family Polygonaceae. Palosanto is also known as the “Ant Tree” or in some places it is called “Long John.” It is originally from Central America.




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Brownea grandiceps Jacq. popularly known as the “Rose of Venezuela” is the Makiling Botanic Gardens’ Plant of the Month of March. In the Philippines it is known as Brownea that belongs to family Fabaceae.

Rose of Venezuela



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