Halo 5 New Warzone Map Is Biggest Ever, Inspired By Original Halo


Halo 5 New Warzone Map Is Biggest Ever, Inspired By Original Halo

Watch a video and see the first screens for Raid on Apex 7.

Halo 5 – TOP 5 Warzone Firefight Tips and Tricks

Warzone Firefight can be a pain sometimes however having a plan before going into a match helps a lot. For some tips watch this video.

343 industries owns the rights to Halo 5 Guardians.

Halo 5 – My Top 10 Vehicles For Warzone! 7K Special!

Thank you so much for 7000 subscribers! absolutely amazing how far We are! Here is my top 10 vehicle list for Halo 5, a video many of you requested for a long time, and finally its here! Hope you enjoy! More videos coming soon.

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Top 5 Game modes in Halo

Hey folks!

In todays video I wanted to talk about my personal top 5 game modes from the Halo series. The franchise has no shortage in variety when it comes to modes to play so this was another difficult list to make!

What are your favourite modes?

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Halo 5- My first Warzone match in 2 years

Hope you all enjoyed the video! I hope you stick around for more of my content in the future. Have a fantastic day!

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